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Known as the “Manchester of India”, this city has now been listed in Narendra Modi’s ambitious plan of being in the top 100 smart cities of India. The city is the main trading centre of North India which pulls in a large number of industrialists to live or work in this city. To flourish in any business, every company needs to embrace good marketing strategies, with the help of an advertising agency. releaseMyAd@Ludhiana is what does the Media Planning for you. Media Planning is choosing the most suitable medium of advertising for your brand, within the budget, to reach a maximum number of people. Scan through all of our media options to get an idea of what we do, and place your ad.


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Ludhiana Demographics
Top Target Locations
  • A S College Khanna
  • Abdullapur Basti
  • Ayali Kalan
  • Baddowai
  • Bagh Khazanchian
  • Bahlolpur
  • Baini Ram Street
  • Bassian
  • Bharat Nagar
  • Brahampuri Ludhiana
  • C M C Ludhiana
  • Chander Nagar
  • Civil Lines
  • Colony Ropar
  • Daheru
  • Dakha
  • Dhamot
  • Doraha
  • Durga Puri
  • Frhlon
  • G M Khanna
  • G T Road Ludhiana
  • Galib Kalan
  • Ghawaddi
  • Ghulal
  • Ghungrana
  • Ghurani Kalan
  • Gill
  • Girson Knitting Works
  • Gujarwal
  • Gurdev Nagar
  • Guru Nanak Engineering College
  • Haliwara A D
  • Halwara
  • Hathur
  • Ikbalganj Ludhiana
  • Industrial Colony Ludhiana
  • Industrial Estate
  • Isru
  • Jagraon City
  • Jagraon H O
  • Jagraon Tehsil
  • Jail Rd Ludhiana
  • Jalpat Rai Market
  • Jamalpur Awana
  • Janta Nagar
  • Jarg
  • Jaspal Bangar
  • Jodhan
  • K C G S Sudhar
  • Kamalpur
  • Katni Kalan
  • Khamano Kalan
  • Khanna H O
  • Kidwai Nagar
  • Kila Raipur
  • Kohara
  • Labour Colony
  • Lalton Kalan
  • Latala
  • Ludhiana
  • Ludhiana Bus Stand
  • Ludhiana Central
  • Ludhiana H O
  • Ludhiana Kutchery
  • Machhiwara
  • Madhopuri Ludhiana
  • Malaudh
  • Mallah
  • Man
  • Manoke
  • Millerganj
  • Mohie
  • Mullanpur Mandi
  • Nai Mandi Khanna
  • Narangwal
  • Neta Ji Nagar
  • P & T Colony Ludhiana
  • P A P Lines
  • P A U Ludhiana
  • Pakhowal
  • Payal
  • Rahawan
  • Raikot
  • Rampur
  • Salem Tabri
  • Samrala
  • Samrala City
  • Samrala Rd Ludhiana
  • Sanehwal
  • Saraba
  • Sat Sang Rd Ludhiana
  • Sidhpeeth Ludhiana
  • Sidhwan Bet
  • Sidhwan Khurd
  • Sihar
  • Sowaddi
Which media is good for which audience?

With Ludhiana developing more and more to become a smart city, it is become a noteworthy destination for people to start their industries. Apart from being a smart city in terms of living and technology, major industrial hub of Northern India which involves trading. It was but obvious that Ludhiana would be included in the smart city project to boost its economy further. This city is known for its rich people which implies that they want to get the best advertising experience possible and the even use Rich Media ads over the Internet.


There is no other agency better than releaseMyAd which can do the Media Planning for you. Apart from choosing the best for the rich crowd, this agency also understands the budget constraints of new businesses and SMBs, which indicates an unbiased attitude and attracts larger crowds. Since countless companies and industries are growing here to benefit from the late development in this region, releaseMyAd@Ludhiana makes your product or service shine the most amongst the crowd. These companies get the best Media Planning through our team to build or keep up their brand image. 


Every sector of the market is rising so rapidly that even new companies are seen to be appearing in the top 10 with a blink of an eye. We help you to publicize through various mediums such as Newspapers, Magazines, Radio, Internet and Cinemas, which helps you to cover all kinds of target audiences. Our planners are both from conventional and digital backgrounds, which have experience and training to understand all the media opportunities across the spectrum. With our research techniques, we offer negligible amount of wastage, and see your company strive for the best with passion and creativity.